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Why Kronos?

It's simple: game changing performance.

We make the lightest, most high performance standup surf boards you'll find anywhere. Our boards combine advanced glassing techniques with the best materials we can find. 

All you have to do is lift up one of our boards to realize that you're seeing something special. Our boards typically weigh 25% less than other "light" boards - and ours are stronger!



Intricate Design Process

The process that we go through to design your board is extensive and unique. We review your past and current equipment, surfing style, abilities, and breaks that you surf.

Every standup surfer requires a different level of standing stability and on wave performance. At Kronos we match your needs to custom equipment.


Check Out Our Demos


If you find yourself in or near San Diego, let us know. We have demo boards for you to ride or inspect.

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Construction and Pricing

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ACF Construction



Cutting edge glassing techniques combine with an aramid grid, carbon fiber strips, and fiberglass to deliver a lightweight and extremely durable surfboard.



Under 9': $1695

Over 9': $1795

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Biax Carbon



Our carbon construction utilizes a biaxial weave which increases strength at no weight cost. We then add Kevlar patches in the standing area to decrease standing dents. Finally, our cutting edge processes creates carbon boards which are unbelieveably light. No one makes these like we do - anywhere.


Under 8'11: $1850

Over 9': $1950



Each and every board we make is custom designed. What follows are some tested shapes that we can use as a starting point for you.

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Kronos 1

The K1 is a high performance standup longboard.

It features balanced single to double bottom concaves, a healthy amount of rocker, and a naturally tapered outine which terminates in a nice smooth rounded pin tail. 

This board surfs well in a wide array of conditions - take it out in critical pitching surf, take it out in mushy conditions, or just take it out to paddle around - this shape has glide.

Put in a single fin for unreal natural flow. try out quads for performance and speed. ride the nose, carve more aggressive turns than you'd thought possible on a standup longboard. 

One of the most fun shapes in the standup world.

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Kronos 2

The K2 is our highest performance shape. 

The smoothly rounded profile works with aggressive rocker to provide maximum maneuverability and control in critical conditions.

A moderately domed deck moves foam directly under your feet - this makes it easier us to thin out the rails and for you to effortlessly control your board on the wave. 

Surprisingly versatile, the K2 performs in conditions ranging from from large barreling waves onshore mush.

Bottom contours and final rocker vary based upon each person's needs - but for most normal conditions we actually prefer a mild mono concave. A variety of tail shapes suit this shape - squash tails suit the vast majority of riders, but rounded or even diamond tails work great too. 

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The Nano is the perfect Southern California board.

Compared to the K2, the Nano features a slightly more parallel outline that is fuller in the nose and tail. It also has a slightly more relaxed rocker profile than the K2. 

The more parallel outline not only helps with standing stability, by providing more surface area all around, but also provides more planing surface to help you beat sections and built up speed for powerful turns in softer conditions. And since this shape is still very similar to the maximum performance K2, you can use your speed to carve nice natural turns.

The Nano is typically shaped with a mono concave bottom, but on wider designs we will switch that out for a touch of vee in the tail. A rounded pin works great on larger sizes of this shape as well.

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Nutter Butter

The unique nutter butter shape attacks head on the basic challenge of standup boards: We need a big board to stand on, and want a little board to surf on.

The Nutter Butter focuses extra surface area and volume in the tail, which provides disproportionate stability. Then it takes surface area and volume out of the center of the board, moving around the curves. This improves performance.

A wide tailed board isn't supposed to turn well. But this does, because the curvature starts super early. A board that turns well isn't supposed to be stable relative to it's dimensions. But this board is stable, because the tail is wide and has volume. You can ride this board a bit smaller than you're used to and be equally as stable. Or you can ride it the same size that you're used to and enjoy more stability.

The Nutter Butter works best with moderate to lower rocker and a quad fin setup. It's best suited for less critical waves.


Made in San Diego

All of our surfboards are custom made here in San Diego.



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Sorry, but we do not sell products to customers in the EU/UK.